The Gospel of John - Review Questions (ANSWERS)

  • What are the three major sections of John’s gospel as outlined in our study?
    The Public Ministry of Jesus Christ (Chapters 1-12); The Private Ministry of Jesus Christ (Chapters 13-17); The Passion Ministry of Jesus Christ (Chapters 18-21).
  • What grade did you receive from Lesson 1?
    (Personal Answer)
  • In Jesus’ public ministry which two titles were most prominent?
    The Son, and God.
  • What are the seven I AM statements of Jesus?
    The bread of life; the light of the world; the door; the good shepherd; the resurrection and the life; the way, the truth, and the life; the true vine.
  • What are the eight miraculous signs recorded by John?
    Turning water into wine; healing the official’s son; healing the impotent man; feeding the five thousand; walking on the water; healing the blind man; raising Lazarus from the dead; His own resurrection.
  • What grade did you get regarding the titles of Jesus in Chapter 1?
    (Personal Answer)
  • What does it mean to believe in Jesus?
    A parallel statement to believe is to come to Christ, which involves commitment and trust.
  • What are the two main sections in the private ministry of Jesus?
    The Upper Room Discourse, and the High Priestly Prayer.
  • What four truths are emphasized in the Upper Room Discourse?
    Humility and service; love and obedience; the Spirit and truth; going and coming.
  • What four lessons can we learn from the feet washing incident?
    We must be washed by Jesus; those washed need only to wash their feet; we should follow Jesus’ example; those who follow His example of humility and service are blessed.
  • What two titles are prominently assigned to the Holy Spirit?
    Another Helper, and the Spirit of truth.
  • What are the five ministries of the Holy Spirit?
    He is the Indweller, the Teacher, the Testifier, the Convictor, and the Glorifier.
  • What is the remedy for a troubled heart?
    A trusting heart.
  • For whom did Jesus pray?
    He prayed for Himself, His disciples, and those who would believe in Him.
  • What two requests did Jesus make for those who would believe in Him?
    He prayed that they might be one, and that they might reveal His love.
  • When Jesus was arrested, how did He identify Himself?
    As the great I AM of the Old Testament.
  • What fault did Pilate find in Him?
  • What were Jesus’ final words while on the cross?
    He said, “It is finished,” not “I am finished.”
  • Where was Jesus buried?
    In the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.
  • Why should we believe that Jesus rose again from the dead?
    We have Old Testament prophesy, the empty tomb, and His post-resurrection appearances to eyewitnesses.


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