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NKJV Scofield Study Bible III, HardcoverNKJV Scofield Study Bible III, Hardcover

Retail: $49.99
CBD Price: $30.99

The easy-to-read large print format is perfect for public reading or private devotions.  A subject-based topical chain reference system follows major themes throughout the entire Bible.  Study notes, maps, charts, and select concordance are some features of this outstanding study Bible.

HCSB Study Bible, HardcoverHCSB Study Bible, Hardcover

Retail: $49.99 
CBD Price: $31.49

Winner of the 2011 Christian Book Awards, Bible Category.

Approximately 15,000 study notes, introductions in each book, outlines and time lines, concordance, center column references, 290 word studies, and more.

KJV Zondervan Study Bible, Bonded Leather

KJV Zondervan Study Bible, Bonded Leather

Retail: $44.99 
CBD Price: $33.99

The ultimate King James study Bible with more than 20,000 notes and an abundance of study tools, reflecting conservative scholarship.

This Bible is professionally prepared to help you understand the holy Scriptures.

NIV Daily Bible, Softcover

NIV Daily Bible, Softcover

Retail: $21.99 
CBD Price: $12.49

An historical and chronological arrangement of every book of the Bible with devotional commentary.  365 inspirational daily reading segments prepared so that all of God’s Word may be read in one year.  Here we have an unfolding of the plan and will of God.

The Message, Numbered EditionThe Message, Numbered Edition

Retail: $29.99
CBD Price: $19.49

This is the contemporary translation of choice published by NavPress.

When paired with your favorite Bible study, the Message will deliver a reading experience that is reliable, energetic, and amazingly fresh.

The Adventure Bible Updated, SoftcoverThe Adventure Bible Updated, Softcover

Retail: $22.99
CBD Price: $15.49

Recommended by more Christian schools and churches than any other Bible for kids from 8 to 12 years old. Send your child on an exciting lifetime expedition, exploring and discovering treasures of God's Word. Kids just love this Bible, as it leads them in adventure.

NKJV Ultraslim Bible, Bonded Leather, BlackNKJV Ultraslim Bible, Bonded Leather, Black

Retail: $29.99
CBD Price: $19.49

This Bible is featherweight and space saving.

Even with its sleek dimensions, it doesn't sacrifice important features like a full concordance, translation and explanatory notes, and full color study maps.

ECONOMY BIBLES (Quantity Discounts)

NKJV Economy Bible SoftcoverNKJV Economy Bible Softcover

Retail: $2.99
CBD Price: $2.49





The KJV Econony BibleThe KJV Econony Bible

Retail: $4.95
CBD Price: $2.49




The ESV Economy BibleThe ESV Economy Bible

Retail: $2.99
CBD Price: $1.99





Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds New Testament Commentary, 4 VolumesZondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds New Testament Commentary, 4 Volumes

Retail: $129.99
CBD Price: $39.99

Evangelical scholars offer background information from many features of the New Testament world. Stunning photographs, maps, and diagrams combine to make this monumental work visually appealing.

The Pulpit Commentary, 23 VolumesThe Pulpit Commentary, 23 Volumes

Retail: $1,000.00
CBD Price: $149.99

This fantastic set is a must for any preaching student or pastor, and it is affordable. Here you have verse-by-verse exposition, historical and geographical information, and a variety of homiletical helps.

The Bible Knowledge Commentary, 2 Volumes The Bible Knowledge Commentary, 2 Volumes

Retail: $89.99
CBD Price: $45.49

It's hard to beat this commentary prepared by faculty members of Dallas Theological Seminary. This set is based on the NIV, and is especially designed for Christian students and learners. The language used is non-technical, and understandable.

Thru the Bible Commentary Set with Index, 6 Volumes Thru the Bible Commentary Set with Index, 6 Volumes

Retail: $239.90
CBD Price: $79.99

Based on Vernon McGee's popular radio program, this down-to-earth, easy to understand commentary features engaging introductions, detailed book outlines, and thorough discussions of significant biblical texts.

Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament, 10 VolumesKeil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament, 10 Volumes

Retail: $695.00
CBD Price: $69.99

This edition is newly typeset in modern easy-to-read type. It is considered great in detail. Reviews are excellent, and many readers believe it is the best set of commentaries on the Old Testament.

Holman Old Testament Commentary, 20 Volumes Holman Old Testament Commentary, 20 Volumes

Retail: $299.97
CBD Price: $188.99

No other reference series gets to the heart of the Old Testament as efficiently as the HOTC. It delivers an essential understanding in unsurpassed clarity.

Holman New Testament Commentary, 12 Volumes Holman New Testament Commentary, 12 Volumes

Retail: $179.97
CBD Price: $119.99

HNTC offers expository explanation of the NIV text, leading the reader through verse-by-verse commentary to a conclusion and life application.

The Bible Exposition Commentary, 6 Volumes The Bible Exposition Commentary, 6 Volumes

Retail: $229.97
CBD Price: $99.99

Countless pastors, teachers, and students have loved the best selling Be series by Warren Wiersby. Now these insightful studies are available in one set at a spectacular price! From Genesis to Revelation we find skilled exposition with a practical application. A good daily devotional read.


Believer's Bible CommentaryBeliever's Bible Commentary

Retail: $39.99
CBD Price: $19.99

This commentary on the entire Bible is based upon the NKJV. It has been written to give the average Christian reader a basic knowledge of what the Bible is all about.

It has been found by many to be an awesome resource. 

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole BibleMatthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible

Retail: $39.95
CBD Price: $19.99

A beloved classic featured in a trimmer size. Here we find profound wisdom on the content, message, and nature of God's revelation in Scripture. Perfect for all readers who want a convenient, comprehensive commentary.


The Strongest Strong's Exhaustive ConcordanceThe Strongest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

CBD Price: $19.99

A complete list of every word in the King James Version of the Bible. Each word is followed by a complete list of references where the word can be found. Words are defined when they have more than one meaning. An excellent resource!

Young's Analytical Concordance Young's Analytical Concordance

Retail: $29.95
CBD Price: $14.99

A comprehensive, accurate, and exhaustive commentary. Passages for the English words are arranged under the Hebrew and Greek words that they translate. Beautifully printed on high quality paper. A super buy for students of the Word.


Nelson's New Illustrated Bible DictionaryNelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Retail: $49.99
CBD Price: $28.99

More than 7,000 concise entrees by the world's finest evangelical scholars. A wealth of basic Bible study information, and more than 500 full-color photographs, maps, and pronunciation guides. It includes The Visual Survey of the Bible.

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Retail: $29.97
CBD Price: $19.49

A complete guide to everything that you need to know about the Bible.

This excellent book for both those who want information quickly, and those who want in-depth treatment of hundreds of topics. Beautifully illustrated.


Jensen's Survey of the Old Testament & New Testament, 2 VolumesJensen's Survey of the Old Testament & New Testament, 2 Volumes

Retail: $59.99
CBD Price: $37.49

Both books are conservative treatments, generally dispensational, but representing other points of view as well. They provide historical and geographical background information related to each book of the Bible. The reader is led into personal applicable reflection.

AMG Concise Survey of the Bible AMG Concise Survey of the Bible

Retail: $17.99
CBD Price: $11.99

G. Campbell Morgan outlines the primary message of the Bible in a chart, striving to lay out in simple form what he sees to be the central message of each book of the Bible. From the essential message of each book he offers lessons to help the reader apply biblical truth to be more like Jesus.


major-bible-themesMajor Bible Themes

Retail: $25.99
CBD Price: $16.99

In this revised edition of Lewis Sperry Chafer's classic John Walvoord has added some of Chafer's later writings.

For a basic introduction to Bible doctrine, there isn't a better book. Excellent for individuals or groups.

Systematic Theology, An Introduction to Bible DoctrineSystematic Theology, An Introduction to Bible Doctrine

Retail: $49.99
CBD Price: $24.99

This introductory textbook by Wayne Gruden is clearly written with technical terms kept to a minimum. Here we have a contemporary approach to important subjects of special interest to believers today. This book has several distinctive features.


Spurgeon's Sermons, 5 Volumes
Spurgeon's Sermons, 5 Volumes

Retail: $200.00
CBD Price: $34.99

Tap into the wealth of life changing words by the Prince of Preachers. This set features more than 250 of Charles Spurgeon's finest sermons.

New Westminster Pulpit Series, 4 VolumesNew Westminster Pulpit Series, 4 Volumes

Retail: $59.96
CBD Price: $14.99

R. T. Kendall was pastor of London's Westminster Chapel for 25 years, where his powerful preaching moved thousands. His profound biblical interpretation with practical applications reveal fresh insight to human behavior and God's character.


History of the Christian Church, 8 VolumesHistory of the Christian Church, 8 Volumes

Retail: $299.95
CBD Price: $49.99

Philip Schaff's monumental work is a genuine classic. His account of history begins with the preparation for Christianity in Judaism and concludes with a general introduction to the Protestant movement.


A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ, 5 Volumes

Retail: $199.95
CBD Price: $29.99

Now you can own Schurer's original landmark work. This edition gives you extensive essays on the political systems, Jewish political and religious parties, Messianic movements, and Greek and Jewish literature.


Bringing Up Girls:  Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of WomenBringing Up Girls:  Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Women

Retail: $25.99
CBD Price: $15.99

Help your daughters meet the challenges that come their way and become the healthy, happy, and successful women you want them to be. This wonderful book is based on research done by Dr. James Dobson. It is written in his down-to-earth and good humored style.

Bringing Up Boys, Paperback EditionBringing Up Boys, Paperback Edition

Retail: $15.99
CBD Price: $8.99

A Focus on the Family resource. Many parents try to mold their children into a one-size-fits-all model. But boys are different! Dr. Dobson explains why boys are the way they are. Learn how to understand their emotional and physical development as well as the best way to properly motivate them.


Perfect Weight America: Change Your Diet, Change Your Life, Change Your WorldPerfect Weight America: Change Your Diet, Change Your Life, Change Your World


Retail: $24.99

CBD Price: $4.99Discover how to find and achieve the perfect fit for your physique. Jordan Rubin's book is based upon a landmark study. It features a 16-week program which offers a tested blueprint and helpful tools for setting goals, tracking progress, and restoring health.

The Seven Pillars of Health: The Natural Way to Better Health for LifeThe Seven Pillars of Health: The Natural Way to Better Health for Life

Retail: $19.99
CBD Price: $10.99

Dr. Don Colbert believes in combining alternative and traditional medical practices for achieving optimal health. Learn how to incorporate his "pillars" into your daily life in a way that will energize you and help you feel better and live longer. This 50-day plan may change your life.


The Knowledge of the HolyThe Knowledge of the Holy

Retail: $12.99
CBD Price: $6.99

If you haven't read this book by A. W. Tozer, you should. This classic is informative, inspiring, and illuminating. What is the nature of God? This book bears witness to God's majesty, and teaches us how to experience and understand the wonder of God's Spirit in our lives.

The Pursuit of GodThe Pursuit of God

Retail: $12.99
CBD Price: $7.99

Another Tozer classic and awards-winning book! You can have a living relationship with a personal God. This book reminds and challenges the reader to renew that relationship with Him. Tozer explains one aspect of what it is to have a hunger for God.

Heaven is for RealHeaven is for Real

Retail: $16.99
CBD Price: $8.99

A little boy's astounding story of his trip to heaven and back.

4-year-old Coltin emerged from life-threatening surgery with astounding details about heaven. "Unbelievable!" you say? Draw your conclusion after you have read his amazing account.

The Purpose Driven Life The Purpose Driven Life

Retail: $21.99
CBD Price: $7.99

Rick Warren believes that God created you for a life of impact for His kingdom. Through this book he'll help you discover it. Forty short chapters cover the values, strength, skills, habits, and relationships that you need to fulfill God's will in your life's mission.

The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for JesusThe Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus

Retail: $14.99
CBD Price: $7.99

A seasoned journalist chases down the biggest story on record in The Case for Christ. Former Chicago Tribune legal editor Lee Strobel cross-examines a dozen experts with tough, point-blank questions in search of credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth was positively the Son of God.

The Case for FaithThe Case for Faith

Retail: $14.99
CBD Price: $7.99

An award-winning book! Skeptics of Christianity are everywhere, boldly asking tough questions in order to disprove the faith. Get your hands on The Case for Faith and take heart! This book has solid answers to the toughest objections to our historic Christian faith.

Jumping Through Fires: The Gripping Story of One Man's Escape from Revolution to RedemptionJumping Through Fires: The Gripping Story of One Man's Escape from Revolution to Redemption

Retail: $17.99
CBD Price: $3.99

The gripping story of one man's escape from revolution to redemption. David Nasser's suspenseful and moving memoir about religious heartbreak and healing. Read this raw account of his transition from hating religion to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Know Why You Believe, New EditionKnow Why You Believe

Retail: $15.00
CBD Price: $9.99

This terrific book examines tough questions surrounding Christianity and can help you to be confident in your faith. Is there a God? Do science and Scripture agree? Does Christianity differ from other religions? These are just a few chapter titles.

When the Hurt Runs Deep: Healing and Hope for Life's Desperate MomentsWhen the Hurt Runs Deep: Healing and Hope for Life's Desperate Moments

Retail: $22.99
CBD Price: $11.99

Healing and hope for life's desperate moments. This compassionate, refreshingly honest study by Kay Arthur is considered her magnum opus. Is there purpose in our pain? Why does God allow it? Can Jesus possibly understand our hurt? Discover hope in the valley of despair.

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an AtheistI Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

Retail: $16.99
CBD Price: $9.49

Norman Geisler and Frank Turek show, first of all, that truth is absolute, exclusive, and knowable. They proceed to demonstrate that the cardinal Christian doctrines are true beyond reasonable doubt, requiring a negative leap of faith for an atheist to deny them. Atheistic unbelief is unbelievable.


NLT Abundant Life New Testament, SoftcoverAbundant Life New Testament

CBD Price: $1.79

Insights into living an abundant Christian life through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Includes practical topics for guidance in your daily life. Value priced, and perfect as an inexpensive gift.

What on Earth Am I Here For? What On Earth Am I Here For?

CBD Price: $1.49

An amazing introduction to Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life! This trustworthy guide will lead you on a seven-day adventure of discovery. What is God's purpose for your life? How can that purpose be fulfilled for eternity?

Understand Your Bible Understand Your Bible

CBD Price: $1.99

Are you sometimes confused by the Scriptures? John Beck's book is designed to remove obstacles to understanding the Bible. This 160 page book will help to clarify what you are reading, making it more rewarding.

How Do I Get to Heaven? Walking the Romans RoadHow Do I Get to Heaven? Walking the Romans Road

CBD Price: $1.99

You can get to heaven by walking the Roman Road. Seven verses from Paul's letter to the Romans clearly reveal humanity's problem (sin) and God's solution (salvation), beginning with Romans 3:10 and ending with Romans 10:13.

How to Study the BibleHow to Study the Bible

CBD Price: $0.99

Long time Bible teacher Robert West offers practical guidance and encouragement as he explains the use of Bible reference material effectively used in the study of the holy Scriptures. An excellent help for new students of the Word.

How to Pray: The Best of John Wesley on PrayerHow to Pray: The Best of John Wesley on Prayer

CBD Price: $0.99

The best of John Wesley on prayer! Wesley explains the why and how of prayer for believers at any stage of their Christian life. His prolific writings will motivate and challenge you toward greater fellowship with God.


The KJV Bible Promise BookThe KJV Bible Promise Book

CBD Price: $1.99

This remarkable book contains more than 1,000 promises from Scripture. The references are arranged alphabetically with more than 60 topics for quick and easy reference. The Lord always keeps His Word.

Bible Promises for You, NIVBible Promises for You, NIV

CBD Price: $1.99

God's promises offer guidance, peace, perspective, wisdom, and more. Promises are categorized by topic for easy reference. The promises are taken from the New International Version.


The NLV Bible Promise BookThe NLV Bible Promise Book

CBD Price: $1.69

This book contains more than 1,000 promises from the New Living Version, an easy-to-read translation which even young readers can understand and absorb. The promises cover a broad range of topics.

199 Promises of God199 Promises of God

CBD Price: $0.99

God's promises are worth more than gold. Whatever life brings your way, you'll find trustworthy and faith-fortifying nuggets in this pocket size treasure. A truly wonderful, uplifting book.



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The Case for LifeThe Case for Life (PRO-LIFE)

Retail: $15.99
Impact Price: $12.00

This marvelous book by Scott Klusendorf provides intellectual grounding for the pro-life convictions that most evangelicals hold. The sanctity of life is not a morally complex issue. Scott simplifies the pro-life debate by turning it on one key question: What is the unborn?  

Forty Years in the Amazon JungleForty Years in the Amazon Jungle (MISSIONS)

Retail: $12:00 (Free shipping & handling)

Sung Joon Kim and his wife Jae Sun were South Korean missionaries to primitive Indians in the Valley of Guapore, a river tributary to the mighty Amazon in Brazil. They became one with the people, eating, sleeping, and living with them. This is a remarkable modern missionary story.  Following over 40 years of service, Sung Joon and Jae Sun returned to South Korea in 2011.

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