Basic Eschatology - Review Questions (ANSWERS)

  1. What is Eschatology?
    The study of last things.
  2. What are the two parts into which our study is divided?
    Fulfilled prophecy, and unfulfilled prophecy.
  3. What are three major Old Testament prophetic themes?
    Gentile world powers.
    The nation of Israel.
    The coming of Christ, the Messiah.
  4. Who are the four Gentile world powers mentioned by Daniel?
    Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.
  5. What are the seven headings which foretell the history of Israel?
    The beginning of the nation.
    The bondage in Egypt.
    The wandering in the wilderness.
    The possession of the land.
    The kingdom united under David.
    The captivity of Israel and Judah.
    The return from captivity.
  6. What did Isaiah predict about the coming of Christ?
    His virgin birth, public ministry, death, burial, resurrection, and second coming.
  7. What are the seven major unfulfilled prophetic themes in our study?
    The second coming.
    The resurrection.
    The judgment.
    The millennium.
    The great tribulation.
    The rapture.
    The final states.
  8. What are the three major schools of prophetic interpretation?
    Amillennialism, postmillennialism, and premillennialism.
  9. How are the views of Augustine and B. B. Warfield different?
    Augustine taught that the millennium would be spiritually fulfilled in the Christian church on earth, whereas Warfield taught that millennial reign of Christ over the church would take place in heaven.
  10. Who was Daniel Whitby?
    Postmillennialism was attributed to Whitby.
  11. Who was C. I. Scofield?
    The biggest boost to premillennialism came from his Scofield Reference Bible, which was first published in 1909.
  12. What do premillennialists believe about the resurrection?
    They believe in four phases of the resurrection: the resurrection of Christ, the resurrection of church age saints at the rapture, the resurrection of saints of the tribulation period together with Old Testament saints at the return of Christ to earth, and the final resurrection of the unsaved at the end of the millennium.
  13. What do they teach about three judgments?
    Believers will be judged at the Bema of Christ at the rapture, Gentile nations will be judged at Christ's return to earth, and the unbelieving dead of all ages will be judged at the great white throne after the thousand year reign of Christ.
  14. What are the three premillennial groups?
    Those who believe in a pretribulation rapture, a midtribulation rapture, and a posttribulation rapture.


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